Business Connectivity Services SAP Connector

Build External Content Types for SAP without code

ERPConnect is a suite of three services providing you with seamless integration of your SAP ERP/BW system with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 or 2013.

Discover how you could connect to your SAP data and display it within SharePoint using Business Connectivity Services and ERP Connect.

Take Advantage of BCS

Business Connectivity Services provides Business Data Columns, Search, User Profile Import, Business Data Web Parts, Office Integration, and External Lists. You can take advantage of all of this for your SAP ERP System.

1 x Server Farm License
Price: $13,000.00

Every license comes with six months of maintenance. After the six-month maintenance period is over, an additional year of maintenance can be purchased for 20% of the license fee. There is no right for updates after the expiration of maintenance.

Using the BCS Connector, you can create External Content Types for SAP objects or tables and use that data within SharePoint External Lists, Business Data Columns, External Data Columns and through SharePoint search.

  • Read and Write access to SAP data.
  • Build External Content Types for SAP in minutes.
  • Publish directly to SharePoint or Open in Visual Studio.

Web Service Designer

Using the ERPConnect Web Service Designer, you can wrap your complicated SAP processes into a simple web service for data consumption within SharePoint or outside of SharePoint such as Windows Phone, Android or IOS.

ERPConnect Services Runtime

ERPConnect Services Runtime provides .NET developers to utilize SharePoint as a hub for SAP data. SAP data can then be consumed by custom web parts, ASP.NET, and other .NET applications.

The ERPConnect Services consists of three components:

  • ERPConnect Services Runtime for .NET developers to obtain SAP data and publish via Web Services
  • BCS Connector to generate External Content Types for SAP
  • Web Service Designer for creating SAP based web services

Once you have chosen your external data source, simply drag the table to the design surface and begin to configure your external content type. Select your Finder, Specific Finder, ID Enumerator, Creator, Updater and Deleter methods, click generate, and you’re done!

Associations enable you to show your external data using Business Data Lists and Business Data Related List web parts. Your data relationships can also be shown in profile pages and also BDC item picker dialog boxes.

Simply drag the association between the two external content types.

In addition, create filters, methods and custom actions in just a few clicks.

There are five methods that can be created within an External Content Type. The Finder method and Specific Finder methods are required by BCS to allow data to be displayed within the web parts and external lists. In order to select a row, the specific finder method is called. Optionally, using the BCS Connector, you can build the Creator, Updater and Deleter methods which will in turn provide you with the ability to write back to SAP via a SharePoint external list.


SAP ERP Connect Help and Guidance

We’re just a ticket or phone call away from providing you with the SAP ERP Connect and Business Connectivity Services support and guidance, that you might need. If you have questions, please let us know, so that we can get back to you within one working day.


Enable your users to view SAP business data through SharePoint allowing them to quickly and easily find SAP data


Lightning Tools is provides outstanding Business Connectivity Services support and knowledge to backup your product purchase.


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