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Organizations typically have many different data sources that are disconnected but contain valuable business information. The data sources consist usually of Customer Relationship Management systems such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Salesforce, ERP systems, Oracle databases, Excel workbooks and more. In order to extract useful business information, typically information workers have to rely on out-of-date reports, static charts embedded into PowerPoint presentations. In order to look for the required information themselves, users have to familiarize themselves with the location of the data, and also different user interfaces to learn. Often the data is not found and therefore duplicated costing the company time and money.

Lightning Tools offers three products in the SharePoint BCS Bundle that can assist with this problem that can occur in any organization. Using our BCS Bundle, you can connect to almost any external data source whether it is on premises, or in the cloud. Once you are connected, that data can be searched, displayed, manipulated, used as lookups, charted, and conditionally formatted. All of this can be done without a single line of code.

You get…

  • BCS Meta Man – Meta Man is a windows application which provides you with an easy way to create Business Data Connectivity Models for SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013. Rather than writing code to connect to your external data source, Meta Man empowers you to create BDC models in just a few minutes by simply dragging and dropping the data that you wish to connect to. Once you have set a few properties, Meta Man will write the code for you. Writing the BDC models by hand will take anywhere from days to weeks depending on your ability. Meta Man will generate the models in minutes and works with Microsoft SQL, Oracle, MSAccess, Informix, DB2, MySQL, OData, DBase and many more. To learn more about Meta Man visit the Meta Man page.
  • Data Viewer Web Part – The Data Viewer Web Part is a SharePoint 2013 web part which can be easily configured to display the data returned from your external data source within a web part. Simply design your view, add formatting and conditional formatting options, select the columns you wish to display, and set filters. Once connected you will be able to Create, Update and Delete data all from within the same web part. To learn more about the Data Viewer Web Part visit the Data Viewer Web Part page.
  • SharePoint Chart Web Part – The SharePoint Chart Web Part enables you to configure SharePoint dashboards which are based upon Business Connectivity Services (BCS) and other external data sources such as Oracle, SQL, Microsoft Excel workbook and SharePoint lists in just a few minutes. Bar, Line, Pie, and Scatter charts are among the many types of charts that can be displayed. For more information visit the Chart Web Part Page.
  • Training – With the SharePoint BCS Bundle, you get to send as many people from your organization as you like onto our BCS training courses. Training Courses.
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