BCS Meta Man for Visual Studio – Business Connectivity Services for SharePoint 2010

Are you using SharePoint 2010 and Visual Studio 2010 and need to create an External Content Type within writing the code?

Business Connectivity Services is MUCH more than linking external data to a SharePoint list. With Business Connectivity Services, you can search your external data source via SharePoint, Build Business Data Dashboards, Use the external data to populate column values in SharePoint lists and libraries, and Create, Update and Delete data via the SharePoint external list.


  • Quickly and easily connect to external data without writing any code.
  • Connect to a wide range of external data sources not offered by Microsoft SharePoint Designer
  • Save valuable amounts of time and money through timesaving
  • Cut out the learning curve for building external content types manually.

Once you've connected, why not look at our Chart web part and Data Viewer web part that also works with Business Connectivity Services data sources.

BCS Meta Man is also available as a Windows Application and can create BDC Model Files for SharePoint 2010 or 2013.

SAPNeed to create an SAP External Content Type? Try our BCS Connector:


Additional Information

Create Connections in Minutes with BCS Meta Man


SharePoint Business Connectivity Services configuration using BCS Meta ManSharePoint Designer 2010 provides a no-code solution to building the External Content Type (External Data Connection) for Microsoft SQL databases. If you wish to connect to Oracle, Informix, Dbase or any other external data source, you must write code in Visual Studio. BCS Meta Man writes that code for you! All you have to do is drag the Tables, Views and Stored procedures to the design surface, set some properties, and watch the code get written by Meta Man.







Configuring BCS to connect to Oracle using BCS Meta ManBCS Meta Man supports connection to Microsoft SQL, Oracle, ODBC data sources and Web

Services. Using ODBC you can configure a connection to most external data sources.

Even if you are connecting to Microsoft SQL, you may want to create associations (joins between tables) that SharePoint Designer cannot handle. You will also benefit from having your External Content Type compiled as a .NET assembly which makes it easier to deploy between non-production and production environments.







Creating BCS Methods using BCS Meta ManConfiguring the methods such as Read List, Read Item, Insert, Update and Delete is simple using BCS Meta Man. There is no need to write the code, just simple check the box to say that you want those methods.

Filters, and custom Actions are created by simply setting some External Content Type properties.







Easily upgrade Application Definition files from 2007 to 2010.

Upgrading from SharePoint 2007’s Business Data Catalog? Using BCS Meta Man, you can upgrade your old Application Definition File from Business Data Catalog and have BCS Meta Man regenerate it as a .NET Assembly.




BCS Meta Man v SharePoint Designer v Visual Studio.NET

Feature BCS Meta Man
SharePoint Designer
Visual Studio SharePoint Tools
Connect to SQL without code Check Check Cross
Connect to Oracle without code Check Cross Cross
Connect to ODBC Data Sources without Code Check Cross Cross
Connect to WCF Service without Code Check Check Cross
Generate .NET Assembly External Content Type Check Cross Check
Build Associations Using Drag/Drop Check Cross Cross
Build Filters without code Check Check Cross
Build Associated ECTs in one model Check Cross Cross
Build Custom Actions without code Check Check Cross


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