Data Viewer App for SharePoint Online

The Data Viewer for SharePoint Online is an Office 365 app that allows you to connect to internal and external data such as SharePoint lists or data from an external source such as Business Connectivity Services (BCS) or ODATA. The benefit, once you are connected is that you can easily apply formatting and conditional formatting to your data using the very simple configuration options.

Business Benefits include:

  • Highlight business critical data using conditional formatting options
  • Display SharePoint content from one site in another
  • Display SharePoint content within a page with professional looking formatting and styling
  • Connect SharePoint online to external data via Business Connectivity Services or OData
  • Surface on premise data within SharePoint online (via OData)
Additional Information

Data View for Office 365The Lightning Data Viewer App provides your office 365 users with the ability to see SharePoint list content or external content data stored outside of SharePoint within an easy to configure app part. Users can add the app, and then within seconds configure a connection to data with the ability to select the columns that they wish to see, apply data formatting, conditional formatting, grouping, filtering, sorting and to build calculated columns.

Conditional Formatting Office 365Using the Lightning Data Viewer Office 365 app, users can easily configure views using the Display tab. Columns can be re-ordered, Column Aliases set (FName = Firstname as an example), Columns widths configured, along with sorting and grouping. Formatting options are then configured simply by setting properties such as Bold, Italic and Underline. Conditional Formatting can also be set individually on each column. The conditional formatting allows users to highlight important data such as Tasks that are due today or past due, Tasks assigned to you, Documents checked out to you, or products with a low stock level.

Office 365 DVWP

The columns from your data source are easily selected to include within the view. With other products, columns need to be added by writing code such as XSLT or HTML. With the Lightning Data Viewer App, you simply check the column, re-order it by dragging the column name up and down, and then also set filters using the filter icon on the right hand side. Filters can also expand multiple columns e.g. Tasks Due Today AND Assigned to Brett Lonsdale.

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