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DeliverPoint for SharePoint Online is a SharePoint Add-in (App) which provides SharePoint Site Collection Administrators and Site Owners with a better understanding of who has what permissions to the SharePoint Site, Lists, and List/Library content. Many users will not know who has permissions to their SharePoint content as SharePoint Online out-of-the-box doesn’t give a true representation. SharePoint out-of-the-box permission reports will not display users that are added to Azure AD groups or provide an easy way to determine permission inheritance. DeliverPoint resolves the issue by providing reports that do enumerate users

Business Benefits include:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of who has permissions to your content
  • Understand how permissions were granted to the content
  • Take snapshot reports from the Discover Permission pages
  • Gain an understanding of Permission Inheritance throughout the site collection
  • Produce permission reports in context of SharePoint Online (Integrated)
Additional Information

DeliverPoint Add-InThe DeliverPoint Add-in provides Site Owners and Site Collection Administrators with the ability to accurately report on SharePoint permissions. The View to the left is the Discover Permissions Report which lists every single user that has access to your site, and your sites content regardless as to how permissions were granted. Users can be filtered allowing you to determine if permissions have been duplicated. Permission levels can also be filtered allowing you to see every user that has been granted a specific permission. Groups can be filtered allowing you to see who was granted permissions via the SharePoint Group or Azure AD Group. Reports can also be exported as a CSV file.






DeliverPoint Add-in

SharePoint makes it difficult to understand which of your sites, lists and libraries inherit permissions or have unique permissions. Using the tree view, you can see your entire site collection. The dimmed icons show sites, lists and libraries that have inherited permissions, whereas the full colour icons are sites with broken permission inheritance. Armed with that information, you spend a lot less time reporting on permissions within SharePoint.









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