Lightning Conductor Web Part 2010

SharePoint 2010 Cross Site Collection Aggregation

Check Easily configure cross site collection or cross web application rollups

Build your queries without any required technical knowledge.

Check Build powerful views on your SharePoint content

Check the columns that you wish to display, apply grouping, filters, sorting and conditional formatting without complication.

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Lightning Conductor Web Part Rolling up TasksBuild powerful views of SharePoint content from across multiple site collections

The Lightning Conductor Web Part is a very easy to configure SharePoint List and Library rollup Web Part that can rollup SharePoint Content from across multiple site collections and web applications.

Unlike the Content Query Web Part (CQWP), the Lightning Conductor Web Part can aggregate SharePoint content from anywhere within your SharePoint farm. Instead of writing XSL to display multiple columns of information from SharePoint Lists, you can also configure a view with the Lightning Conductor Web Part without writing any code at all.

Lightning Conductor Web Part configuration wizard Using the simple wizard, select the Site Collections, Sites or Lists that you want included in the scope.

Rolling up SharePoint Content is easy with the Lightning Conductor Web Part. Using the Configuration Wizard, you can build your query within minutes to rollup SharePoint Content. You can choose where the content will be aggregated from, and filter by List Type, and Content Type. You can direct relevant content to your users by using the SharePoint Audience Targeting feature.

Lightning Conductor Web Part View

Check the columns you want to display

Once you have configured your Query, you can build your view without writing any XSLT. Simply choose the columns that you wish to display, setup filters, apply formatting, setup pagination and you are ready to display your rolled up content.

Building your view allows you to display multiple columns easily. For example, instead of just displaying the title column from your SharePoint Task Lists, you can display Title, Due Date, Status and Priority.

Lightning Conductor Calendar View

Built in views such as Calendars and Discussion threads

With the Lightning Conductor Web Part, you can display your results by using the SPGridView easily or you can brand and build in your own features using XSLT, jQuery or Javascript. Within the Lightning Conductor Web Part, you will find pre-built views for displaying Calendar list items within a calendar, and a branded example of rolling up from Announcements lists.

Lightning Conductor Edit View

In context viewing/editing

When clicking a list item, you will never be taken away from the page containing the Lightning Conductor Web Part no matter where in the SharePoint farm your content resides. This allows users to use the data as though it belonged to the site that they are currently viewing.

Comparison of Lightning Conductor Web Part and CQWP

Feature Lightning Conductor Content by Query Web Part
Rollup content from multiple web applications Check Cross
Rollup content from multiple site collections Check Cross
Rollup from selected sites or lists from different site collections or web applications Check Cross
Rollup from single site collection Check Check
Rollup from specific sites in the site collection Check Check
Build Views without writing code or XSLT Check Cross
Add multiple columns without XSLT Check Cross
Apply formatting without XSLT Check Cross
Easily select columns to display by selecting check boxes Check Cross
Apply Filters without code Check Check
Built in Calendar view Check Cross
Built in Posts view Check Cross
Build views with XSLT Check Check
Build views with JSON Check Cross
Display Rollup Statistics Check Cross
Export rolled up data to Excel or CSV Check Cross
Supports Caching for performance Check Check
Content loads independently of page (Ajax) Check Cross
Rollup from multiple list types with columns in common. Check Cross
Audience Targeting support Check Check
Consume Web Part Connections Check Check
In context viewing/editing of content Check Cross
Works with SharePoint Foundations Check Cross
Requires Publishing Feature Cross Check
Edit Control Block on Title column Check Cross