Social Squared
Teams Discussion Board

Social Squared is a Microsoft Teams Discussion Board App enabling Microsoft Teams users to benefit from structured forum discussions where topics and replies to topics can be discovered easily.

Core Features


ocial Squared for Microsoft Teams provides a platform for multi-threaded conversations within Microsoft Teams channels. Users will be able to engage with each other with business-related questions in the context of the Teams channel. Answers to questions can be verified, moderated, and found easily through search, tags, and intuitive navigation.

Microsoft Teams Tab

Social Squared provides a structured Discussion Board app for Microsoft Teams Tabs where users can post questions, and receive answers to their questions which will continue to benefit other Microsoft Teams Channel Members through verified mark as answered, and moderation features.

Microsoft Teams Personal App

As well as adding Social Squared to a Microsoft Teams Tab, you can also add Social Squared as a Microsoft Teams Personal App. This allows for discussion boards to span bigger audiences that span multiple Teams and provide organization wide topics.

Microsoft SharePoint

Social Squared is also available as a SharePoint Client Side Web Part. The same content repository is shared between Microsoft Teams and SharePoint allowing users to post and reply to posts through their favourite platform. Users can also benefit using the Microsoft Teams or Microsoft SharePoint Mobile Apps and Social Squared.

Watch A Quick Overview Of Social Squared

Within this video, we demonstrate how Social Squared can provide Discussion Board functionality within Microsoft Teams Channels and as a Microsoft Teams Personal App.

Discussion Board within Microsoft Teams Tab

Social Squared is a Discussion Board App for Microsoft Teams Tab’s and Microsoft Teams Personal Apps. Social Squared provides information workers the ability to post questions within relevant forums, and receive answers from their team. The Discussion Board layout for posts makes it easier to find answers to questions that may have already been asked before. Through features such as “Mark as Answered”, “Forum Moderation”, “Post Rating”, “Post Likes”, “Post Voting”, users will be assured that the answers they are reading are validated.

Reading Topics within Microsoft Teams

Topic views give you access to posts from your team members. Easily view topics, reply to topics, subscribe to topics, and Add new topics. From the topics view within the Discussion Board, you’ll be able to see which topics have been marked as answered, viewed the most, rated, marked as sticky and more.

Topics can be created using SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

Tag Cloud in Social Squared for Microsoft Teams

Users who create or reply to posts can tag their content with keywords. These tags help with finding content relevant to your questions or needs. The most prominent tags are used the most throughout the forums, and clicking on them will take you straight to the post.

Searching Discussion Forums

Social Squared contains it’s own forum search allowing topics and replies to topics to be searched. The Discussion Board search allows you to perform searches relevant to the displayed forum groups. However, with the content also stored within SharePoint lists, Microsoft Teams or SharePoint searches will also return security trimmed Topics.

Microsoft Teams Discussion Board Notifications

Using Subscriptions to Posts or entire forums, Social Squared will notify you via Microsoft Teams Notifications or Email when you have been replied to, or if someone creates a post in a forum that you follow.

Social Squared as a Microsoft Teams Personal App

Adding Social Squared as a Microsoft Teams Personal App allows you to configure Forums Groups and Forums that span multiple Teams. Everyone with access to your Microsoft Teams tenant will be able to post and reply to posts that are an organizational level. To deploy Social Squared as a personal app, you can add Social Squared to your SharePoint App Catalog, and then click the “Sync to Microsoft Teams” button.

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Microsoft Teams Dark Mode

Social Squared supports all three display modes within Microsoft Teams. Whether your preference is default, dark or high contrast, Social Squared is designed to work optimally within each display mode.

Discussion Board app on your Mobile Device

Social Squared is a responsive designed SPFx based App and can be used within the Microsoft Teams App on your mobile device. You’ll benefit from Teams Notifications on your phone from Topics or Forums that you subscribe to, as well as being able to access photos or take photos from your phone.

Learn how other organizations use Social Squared

Education Sector
Within the education sector, our customers benefit from providing discussion boards within Microsoft Teams channels to aid engagement and conversations within and outside of the classroom.
Technology Sector
Within the Technology sector, our customers benefit from providing discussion boards within SharePoint and Teams to handle commonly asked technical questions and see verified answers.
Government Sector
Within the Government sector, our customers benefit from providing discussion boards within SharePoint and Teams to handle commonly asked questions to provide a knowledge base.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is our data stored?

Social Squared deploys SharePoint lists within your Team (SharePoint Site). Your data therefore remains in your tenant, and only users with access to the Team will be able to access your data.

How do we manage users?

The users of Social Squared are managed by adding users to the Team or SharePoint Site. Social Squared doesn’t contain it’s own user management features.

Can we use Social Squared in other Sites?

Social Squared is licensed based upon the number of SharePoint users. You can have as many instances of Social Squared as you like within Teams or SharePoint.

What languages are supported?

Social Squared is available in English, German, French, Spanish, and Dutch. Additional Languages can be provided upon request.

I can’t See Social Squared in Teams

Social Squared needs to be deployed to the SharePoint App Catalog and Sync’d with Teams. Learn More

How often is Social Squared Updated?

Our roadmap is public, and can be accessed here. However, Social Squared features are released every four months.