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Office 365 Migration

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  • Version History Migrate

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  • The Lightning Migrator Uses The Office 365 Migration API Ensuring Successful & Fast Migration
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Office 365 Migration

The Lightning Migrator is a simple to use tool that enables you to perform your Office 365 Migration from SharePoint On-Premises to Office 365 at Lightning fast speeds. Simply select the content that you wish to migrate, select the target list or library and hit the migrate button.

Watch the 4 minute video on the Lightning Migrator.


Office 365 MigrationOffice 365 Migration

The Lightning Migrator can migrate your content from your SharePoint On-Premises environment to Office 365 SharePoint Online at lightning speeds. Using the Microsoft Office 365 Migration API, the Lightning Migrator packages your selected content, submits that content to a temporary blob storage in Azure, and then transfers your content to the target site/list or library using the local data centre network resulting in vast amounts of content migrated without performance issues suffered when using equivalent CSOM operations.


Office 365 MigrationMigrate List or Library Content

The Lightning Migrator allows you to select any source SharePoint list or library such as Task lists, Document Library’s or Image Library’s. The target can be an existing list or library whereby you have already created the site structure, or simply select a site. If the site is selected, the list/library will be created as part of the automated migration prior to the content being migrated. Your Office 365 migration can be performed multiple times faster than equivalent CSOM based tools.

Learn more about the new Office 365 Migration API offered by Microsoft:

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