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Lightning Tools is committed to making sure that your experience with our products is as good as it can be. In order for you to get the most out of our products, we have scheduled on-line classes whereby we will provide you with full training on not just the product that you purchased, but also on the related SharePoint subject as well.

For example, most of our customers purchase our SharePoint Permissions Management product because they have issues within SharePoint related to permissions that need resolving. Therefore, during a half day class, we will provide education on SharePoint permissions in general and how to overcome some of the most common issues related to permissions using our product.

Many of our customers who purchase our Business Connectivity Services connectivity tool, do not fully understand Business Connectivity Services out of the box. Through our half day class, we will educate you and your colleagues on BCS out of the box including setting up of external lists, business data column, Web Parts, Authorization, Permissions and more.

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SharePoint Permissions Management and DeliverPoint Training (Half Day)

Subjects  Dates Times
Overview of SharePoint Permissions
Effective use of SharePoint Groups 4th Thursday Each Month 2pm UK Time (9am EST)
SharePoint Permission Levels
SharePoint Permissions  2pm UK Time (9am EST)
Permission Inheritance
Discovering Permissions and Reporting
Troubleshooting Permissions with DeliverPoint
Understanding where Permissions are Applied
Bulk Management of Permissions
Comparing Permissions Between Sites
Cloning Site and List Permissions
Removing Dead Accounts
Configuring DeliverPoint Operators
Viewing and Understanding the History Reports
Managing the Crawl Process
Installing/Removing/Upgrading DeliverPoint


Business Connectivity Services and Meta Man Training (Half Day)

Subjects Dates Times
Overview of Business Connectivity Services Second Thursday Each Month 2pm UK (9am EST)
Creating and Managing External Lists
Configuring BCS Web Parts 2pm UK (9am EST)
External Data Column Configuration
Configuring BCS Search
Business Data Connectivity Service Application
ECT Methods and their purpose
Authorization Methods
ECT Permissions
Propagating Permissions
Creating External Content Types with SharePoint Designer
Creating External Content Types with Meta Man
Configuring Methods
Configuring Filters
Creating Custom Actions
Troubleshooting BCS


Lightning Conductor Web Part Training (2 Hours)

Subjects Dates Times
Overview of Lightning Conductor
Aggregation Overview On Demand
Configuring your first roll up
Creating the Scope
List Types/Content Types
Filtering Persistent versus Dynamic
Advanced Filtering
Conditional Formatting
Building Views
Connecting other Web Parts
Configuring Caching
XSLT vs JSON views


Social Squared (2 hours)

Subjects Dates Times
Overview of Social Squared
Creating Forum Groups  On Demand
Creating and Configuring Forums
Reading and Rating Forums
Posting and Replying to Posts
Moderating Posts
Posting and Replying via Email
Tagging and Managed Meta Data
Configuring Forum Settings
Forum Reporting
Configuring Forum Web Parts
Filtering Forum Groups
Setting up and Deploying Social Squared


To attend a Lightning Tools product training class, please Contact Us

If you are looking for additional SharePoint training, our Partners Combined Knowledge offer in-depth quality education.

CKCombined Knowledge offers a portfolio of SharePoint and Nintex Education solutions that can be delivered on a global basis using their public/private and online delivery methods. Lightning Tools are delighted to offer you a 10% discount on any Combined Knowledge product or course – you could save over £200 enter ‘lightningdiscount’ in the voucher code box when booking online or call the Combined Knowledge team on +44 (0) 1455 200520

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