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Web Part Bundle

The Lightning Tools Web Part bundle provides you with SharePoint Permissions Management, Cross Site Collection/Web Application Roll-Up, Data Viewer Web Part, and our Social Squared Discussion Forum tool.


 You get…


Data Viewer Web Part – The Data Viewer Web Part is a SharePoint 2013 web part which can be easily configured to display the data returned from your external data source within a web part. Simply design your view, add formatting and conditional formatting options, select the columns you wish to display, and set filters. Once connected you will be able to Create, Update and Delete data all from within the same web part. To learn more about the Data Viewer Web Part visit the Data Viewer Web Part page.


Lightning Conductor Web Part – The Lightning Conductor Web Part is a cross site collection/cross web application rollup web part which enables you to be able to aggregate from anywhere within a SharePoint farm. Once connected, you can build views simply by selecting the columns that you wish to display, apply conditional formatting, set filters, grouping and sort orders. To find out more about the Lightning Conductor, visit the Lightning Conductor page: Lightning Conductor Web Part.


Social Squared – Social Squared is a SharePoint based discussion forum with a Microsoft SQL database repository for posts allowing for excellent scalability and performance. With integration into the SharePoint newsfeed, ratings, votes, abuse reporting, tagging and much more! Social Squared encourages user participation resulting in an improved business community throughout your organization. Find out more on the Social Squared page.


DeliverPoint– DeliverPoint is a SharePoint permissions management tool. DeliverPoint works in context with SharePoint itself, allowing for users with manage permissions capabilities to report accurately on SharePoint permissions. No more ‘Limited Access’ or not knowing exactly what permissions users have. DeliverPoint provides reporting on all users and groups as well as the ability to perform bulk operations such as Copy, Transfer, Delete permissions, Dead Account reporting, Site/List permission cloning, and permission inheritance reporting. Find out more on the DeliverPoint page.


SharePoint Chart Web Part – The SharePoint Chart Web Part enables you to configure SharePoint dashboards which are based upon Business Connectivity Services (BCS) and other external data sources such as Oracle, SQL, Microsoft Excel workbook and SharePoint lists in just a few minutes. Bar, Line, Pie, and Scatter charts are among the many types of charts that can be displayed. For more information visit the Chart Web Part Page.




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