Ready Mix USA

Ready Mix USA uses DeliverPoint as recommended by SharePoint 911

Ready Mix USA serves the construction industry across south eastern U.S. with its concrete ready-mix plants. The USA group also has sand and gravel operations, concrete masonry manufacturing facilities, and construction material distribution locations.

Ready Mix are still in the process of rolling out their implementation of SharePoint. It is expected that they will have about 1000 users once the process is finished.

The Problem

During the implementation, it became apparent that the out of the box security tools within SharePoint were not going to achieve what Ready Mix required. Christie Bellah, Business Intelligence Analyst, says ‘With SharePoint alone, there was no way to select an employee and find all of the things to which that employee had permission, or remove or copy that employee’s SharePoint permissions entirely. Likewise, making sure certain sites, libraries, or documents were secure was something that I was spending a lot of time on – checking and re-checking because I knew we might have unique permissions to something even deep in a site.’

The Solution

As a result of this issue, SharePoint 911 advised Ready Mix to trial Deliverpoint. After a relatively short time, Deliverpoint was purchased.

Christie goes on to say ‘DeliverPoint has been great for me. Although there may be items in SharePoint where we break inheritance for permissions, I can select any site, library, etc., and get a quick view of who has permissions to it – plus where (groups, etc.) those permissions came from. That way if I need to adjust group memberships, I can, but otherwise I can be assured that only the correct users have permission.’

The installation was simple and straight forward. Now that it is fully installed, the most widely used function is ‘Discover Permissions’. This is used especially to check that all the permissions are as required before a library or site ‘goes live’

Deliverpoint has not only saved time but adds to the peace of mind that the permissions are set up and work how they were intended.

‘We are extremely satisfied with Deliverpoint and expect to be using it regularly even when we migrate to SP2010.’