March 2023 - Lightning Conductor SPFx Release

Lightning Tools is dedicated to delivering our product roadmap strategy. Below, you will be able to drill into our Lightning Conductor release for March 2023.

Lightning Conductor SPFx

Below, you will find information regarding the March Release of Lightning Conductor SPFx. Register for the Lightning Conductor Webinar (Coming Soon)

External Graph Connectors

Enhance SharePoint and Microsoft Teams with data reports on content that resides outside of Microsoft 365. Using Graph Connectors, you’ll be able to report on external data.

Preview Search Configuration

Configuring Search Results can be convoluted. Using the new preview search results, you’ll be able to check on your configuration and ensure you are retrieving the correct content before exiting the configuration panel.

Convert Object Model to Search

Using the Lightning Conductor, if you wish to improve performance on large scopes, you can convert the Object Model Configuration to a Search Configuration.