November 2023 - DeliverPoint SPFx Release

Lightning Tools is dedicated to delivering our product roadmap strategy. Below, you will be able to see what’s new in DeliverPoint  for November 2023.

DeliverPoint SPFx Release

Below, you will find information regarding the November Release of DeliverPoint SPFx. You will be able to register for a webinar to view a demonstration soon.

Additional Scheduled Reports

Currently, Discover Permission Reports and Unique Permission Reports can be scheduled. All permission reports including Dead Accounts, External Users, Unique Objects etc will be available as scheduled reports.

Shared Channels

Support for Permissions Reporting against Microsoft Teams Shared Channels.

Backup/Replace permissions

Ability to take a snapshot of a permissions set assigned to a Site/List/Library. Replace permissions from the backup in the future if required from the snapshot.

PDF Exported Permission Reports

In addition to the existing CSV format for Excel, PDF formatted reports will be available.

Group Membership Management

Improved Group Membership management. Add/Remove users from groups in bulk.

Notifications Through Copy/Transfer Permissions

Notification are generated for permissions assigned to a user with the Grant permissions operation. The same will be in place for Copy and Transfer permission operations.