Roll-up SharePoint Content

Lightning Conductor

Check Cross Site Collection Aggregation

Roll-up SharePoint Content easily across site collections or web applications.

Check Build powerful views without code

Using the Lightning Conductor, you can build powerful views without the need to write code. Include conditional formatting, calculated columns and multiple level grouping.

Business Benefits include:

  • Increase productivity by allowing your users to find content in one place
  • Highlight key data using conditional formatting
  • Organize aggregated data using the multiple levels of grouping
  • Display results in grid format or calendar views
  • Save endless hours of writing XSLT or Display Templates

You can download a trial version of the Online Add-in or On-premises Web Part from the tabbed sections below.

The Lightning Conductor On-premises Tool is an in-context Microsoft® SharePoint® Tool to roll-up SharePoint content easily across site collections or web applications, it is a powerful, fast and efficient tool that enables multiple views of rolled up SharePoint® content to be displayed to the user in a single place.

Users don’t have to navigate aimlessly through hundreds of sites in different site collections looking for tasks, documents or announcements. The Lightning Conductor is a flexible tool that enables site owners to build powerful views of rolled up content. Each user can see all of their tasks from different sites, company top ten announcements, documents checked out to them, and many more scenarios all in one location.

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Lightning Conductor Add-In for Office 365 SharePoint Online is a tool to roll-up SharePoint content easily across site collections or web applications within a SharePoint Online or SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 environment. Using the Lightning Conductor, you can rollup any type of SharePoint list or library easily and without code.
Common uses are to rollup task lists or document libraries. With the Lightning Conductor, SharePoint business users can build the views of their content that they desire without involving developers to build XSLT or Display Templates. Users can then refine the views as the business needs change.

Lightning Conductor is currently being developed as a client side web part for the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) to take advantage of and evolve the user interface providing consistent and rich experiences for the SharePoint user across modern team sites. We will provide news of updates and timescales through our regular blog posts.