Sharepoint Data Integration

BCS Meta Man (Build External Content Types In Minutes)

BCS Meta Man is a connectivity tool for SharePoint 2010 Business Connectivity Services. If you need to connect to external data such as SQL, Salesforce,  Oracle, and Dbase, BCS Meta Man can create the required External Content Type for you within a few minutes and without the need to write any code.
Don’t be fooled by 3rd party custom lists that can connect to multiple data sources.  Sharepoint Business Connectivity Services provides so much more, for example, Business Data Columns, Search, User Profile Import, Business Data Web Parts, Office Integration, and External Lists.

Data Viewer Web Part

Do you need to integrate external data within your SharePoint environment easily?  The Lightning Tools Data Viewer Web Part for SharePoint On-Premises and the Data Viewer Add-In for Office 365 allows for SharePoint Data Integration within just a few minutes.  In addition to this the data can be styled, easily enabling you to display useful data that stands out to your users providing them with a good overview of what is happening within your organization.  Features such as multiple levels of grouping together with conditional formatting and calculated columns, for example, allows you to easily build data views that are both powerful and useful.
Many of the standard SharePoint web parts are difficult to style and often require the assistance of a SharePoint developer or external consultant.  The Data Viewer is designed to be especially simple to use whilst still enabling you to build data that is intuitive for users to understand.
The SharePoint 2013 Data Viewer Web Part provides users the ability to connect to SharePoint lists or libraries accordingly. In addition to this, we can connect to external data sources namely Microsoft SQL, Oracle, OData. We can then apply formatting and conditional formatting without requiring SharePoint Designer 2013 Data View Web Part.


SharePoint Chart Web Part

Build 3D and 2D charts within minutes on Business Connectivity Services, Excel Workbooks, Oracle, SQL, SharePoint Lists. Build SharePoint dashboards without the complication or learning curve of Business Intelligence tools.

You can use our powerful SharePoint Chart web part to build charts on data that comes from other web parts.  These ‘other web parts’ include our Data Viewer, and BCS Meta Man web parts.  So what’s the benefit of that? Well, in particular, users like to see data visually, rather than display a grid of task lists. For Instance, you could display a Pie Chart of tasks by Task Status or Priority.   Likewise, you could chart custom lists or content types, as well as Document libraries.