BDC Mapper Web Part – new release

We’ve just released a new version of the BDC Mapper Web Part. This release has two new important bits of functionality:

1, Plot best estimate

We obviously rely on the accuracy of the virtual earth control to plot addresses and sometimes VE isn’t going to know your particular location. If this happens for your locations you can now tick a checkbox for ‘Plot best estimate’. This will attempt to plot all addresses with Address, City, Country. If it can’t find the location with these three values it will just try City and Country. Finally if it can’t find those it will just plot against the country value.

Obviously this method is not ideal for everyone which is why we have made it an option that can be selected in the web part properties toolbar.

2, Some new icons.

From feedback we realized that the pushpins weren’t for for everyone, a couple of people mentioned they were too large. We’ve also now included some flag icons that are a lot smaller and therefore take up a lot less space.

3, Map no longer moves when plotting

The map will no longer navigate around when plotting points. If you had a lot of locations to plot, this navigating around.

Customers who already have access to the BDC Mapper can get it from the downloads page. If you want to download a trial of the BDC Mapper you can get it from this page:

Any feedback or comments please let us know!

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