BDC Meta Man Web Edition

Now that we have an initial beta ready we’re very happy to talk and show you what we’ve been working on over the past few months. BDC Meta Man – but this time running in the browser! If you’d just like to skip to the screencast to see it in action check it out here:

BDC Meta Man Web Edition Screencast.

One of the problems people have reported to us, and this is especially true in large organizations, is that people need access to the Shared Service Administration page to be upload the BDC application definition file – even is this is perhaps a department type database they are trying to integrate with SharePoint. BDC Meta Man Web Edition will remove this problem as you can now get access to the tool through SharePoint All Site Settings, and configure your BDC application straight through the browser. Cool stuff also as no pluggins or anything need to be downloaded and installed on the client side, we do it all with javascript and ajax/jquery.

With this current beta we have made available you can:
– add multiple entities based off MS SQL Server tables and views
– configure entities
– create as a BDC application
– open existing BDC applications

The main functionality we are looking to include in the next release:
– ability to create association by drag and drop.

This is an early stage beta so we insist that if you want to try it out you do so on a Dev or Testing environment. There are full installation steps in the download package – there are quite a few so please read them carefully.

So here’s the download:

BDC Meta Man Web Edition

The beta project name, Hole In One, obviously some reference to golf! 🙂

Look forward to your feedback :

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