configuring the lightning conductor web part to aggregate tasks across site collections

Over the past 10 to 15 years, as computer users we have gotten very used to using email for just about anything including the assigning of tasks.  Unless we receive an email, it just isn’t human nature to go looking for work that may have been assigned to us.  Imagine how many tasks may be assigned to us in SharePoint within all those deeply buried sites and workspaces.

Below is a diagram of just one site collection and where you may be assigned tasks.


Rather than relying on Emails, I would like to demonstrate to you how you can use the Lightning Conductor 2010 Web Part to rollup tasks from multiple site collection in SharePoint 2010.

Firstly, Add the Lightning Conductor 2010 Web Part to a page that becomes the central location for all of your employees or department.  It may be for example that you are a sales person and therefore rolling up the content to the Sales Site would be the best idea.

Configure the web part to rollup from ‘All Sales Sites’


Configure the view to show the most useful information


Set a Filter on the Assigned To column and tick the ‘Me’ check box.  This will ensure that each user see’s only Tasks assigned to them.


That’s it!

Getting your tasks from anywhere within an entire web application and seeing tasks assigned just to you is that easy!

You can download a trial of the Lightning Conductor 2010 Web Part from:


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