Create, Update BDC Data in a SharePoint List Style Web Part

We are currently developing a new web part that will enable users to manipulate data through a SharePoint Style List. You will be able to input new data, and change data via a grid view web part. We feel that many users don’t just want a read only list of data presented to them in SharePoint, but a more flexible way of updating data also. In some respects this is going to be very similar to that of a SharePoint List, using the same style toolbar to create new rows, and using the same Settings button on the toolbar to change the look and feel of the Grid such as Adding/Removing Columns, changing the sort criteria, add grouping levels, and so on. Users can expect to get their hands on the new web part around mid to late June. Take a look below at how this web part is coming along:
This view is the default view, and you can see that users will find it seamless to use after getting used to SharePoint Lists. It has a similar toolbar, and an easy way to edit data inside the grid.
Via the easy to use toolbar, you can choose which sort order you would like to apply, similar to that of switching views in a SharePoint List:
The Web Part is also very simple to configure. Once you have a BDC Application Definition File uploaded, all you need to do, is configure the LobSystem, LobSystem Instance, and the Entity within the Shared Properties of the Web Part.
We will keep you updated with the Web Parts progression. In the meantime, feel free to email us with any suggestions that you may like to see in the Web Part. Also, if you have five minutes spare! Help us name the web part.
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