Lightning conductor 2007 web part V2

The Lightning Conductor 2007 Web Part has undergone a complete overhaul.  As a result we have a web part that has quite a number of subtle new features, is more stable, and better performing.  The following changes have been made to the web part:

1. New Tree View Control

The treeview control looks the same, but rather than populating the entire treeview in one go, we populate it as each branch is expanded.  For Enterprise customers with thousands of sites ans site collections, performance of selecting your scope is vastly improved.  The Check/Uncheck option has also been improved.


2. Configuring the SPGridView

The Lightning Conductor Web Part used to have two gear icons for configuring the SPGridView.  It now has just one.  The idea before was that you would choose one if you didn’t have any custom columns, and the other if you did.  Now, custom columns are available for selection for all criteria as long as the custom column is available in each list for the given scope.


3. HTML Display of content

Rather than just render all content as text, we now render the content as html which will pick up any formatting and hyperlinks that you may have within your fields.


4. Web Part Connections

Consuming Web Part connections from other web parts like the ‘Current User Filter’, ‘Text Filter’ web parts has been improved when assigning default values.

5. Firefox compatible

The Lightning Conductor Web Part is now fully Firefox compatible which has meant rewriting a lot of the javascript.

Many other improvements have also been made to the cross site collection roll up web part which are documented in the Readme file when you download the web part from:

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