Lightning conductor 2010 web part – additional features

The Lightning Conductor 2010 Web Part is now on its third iteration offering some excellent new features.  The features included have been driven by our customers requirements so we thank you for all your feedback.

Include all Sub Sites

An improvement to the treeview control allows you to select a sub site and automatically include all new site sites that get created without the need to reconfigure the properties.


Audience Targeting

Audience Targeting is now supported in the Lightning Conductor 2010 Web Part allowing you to display only the content which has been targeted to the currently logged on user.  Audience Targeting is not available for user who have SharePoint Foundations and this option will be unavailable unless you are using SharePoint Server 2010.


Custom Column Improvements

The Lightning Conductor 2010 Web Part will allow you to easily select custom columns for display.  We have improved the custom columns to allow support for more data types including Managed Meta Data columns.


Document Icons

When rolling up from Document Libraries we now allow the option to display document icons.


Web Part Connections

You can filter your results in the Lightning Conductor 2010 Web Part by using the Filter Toolbar or by using any of the Out-of-the-Box filter web parts provided by Microsoft.  Below is a Current User Filter web part connected to a document library.


Anonymous Access

The Lightning Conductor 2010 Web Part also supports anonymous access.  Something that is not available from the Microsoft Content Query Web Part.

If you would like to trial the Lightning Conductor 2010 Web Part, you can download the trial from:

We also offer a Express version of this web part free of charge which aggregates from the ‘Current Site Collection” only.  This web part can be found here:

Don’t have time to trial the web part but you are still interested?  Why not attend one of our weekly demonstrations?  We’ll take up just 30 minutes of your time and will demonstrate the full functionality.  Contact for details.


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