Lightning Conductor Web Part new features!

Today we’ve released a new version of the Lightning Conductor Web Part. This includes some exciting new features we know you are going to love! Here’s an embedded video to show you the new bits:

<br><a href="" target="_new" title="Lightning Conductor Web Part - new features">Video: Lightning Conductor Web Part – new features</a>

You can also watch a larger version of the screencast by clicking here.

Here’s a textual overview, click the images to make them larger.

Data Sources

The Lightning Conductor Web Part has new data sources which include the ability to Roll Up from ‘All Site Collections’. This makes the Web Part maintenance free as it means that as new Site Collections are created, they will automatically be included in the rollup. We also added the ability to selectively choose which lists and libraries you wish to include meaning that you can exclude a specific list from the results. The same feature was included for Sites so that some sites can be excluded from the rollup. The below image displays the Data Source Options in use:



The filters within the Lightning Conductor Web Part have been improved to allow two other ways of filtering content. Users without access to the Tool Part can now filter via a Quick Filters Toolbar which can be turned on or off as shown below:


The Lightning Conductor Web Part can also receive Filters from the Out of the Box Filter Web Parts that ship with MOSS. The below image displays the Current Filter Web Part connected to the Lightning Conductor Web Part:



As well as applying Filters, the Lightning Conductor Web Part can hide content that is targeted to specific audiences, instead of displaying all content to every type of user. This is useful for lists such as announcements. Below you can see the Audience options available to show or hide content based upon the users profile.


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