Lightning Data Masher Deployment

The Lightning Data Masher is a SharePoint solution that makes it really easy to get data into and out of SharePoint lists. You can find out more about it here:

Lightning Data Masher.

You can download the Lightning Data Masher from here:

Lightning Data Masher Download.

Extract the zip file on your SharePoint Server and place the .wsp file onto your c:

Open a command prompt and move to the directory:

c:program filescommon filesmicrosoft sharedweb server extensions12bin

Execute the command:

stsadm –o addsolution –filename “c:lightningtools.datamasher.wsp”

Please type the command yourself rather than copy and paste as this will ensure illegal ascii characters aren’t pasted in.

Once the stsadm command has successfully run open up Central Administration and navigate to Operations –> Solution Management.

Click the LightningTools.Datamasher.wsp and choose to Deploy Solution from the menu bar


From the following screen choose the web applications that you want to deploy to. You’ll need to deploy to each web application where you’d like to use the Data Masher solution.

Upon successful deployment we need to activate the Timer Job Web Application Feature. Still in Central Administration click Application Management –> Manage Web Application Features.

Ensure you have the correct web application selected in the top right corner of the view. When this is correct click the Activate button for the Lightning Tools Data Masher Job


We have one last thing to activate. Please browse to the SharePoint site where you want to run an import or export job and browse to Site Settings –> Site Features. Activate the Lightning Tools Data Masher Menu Items Feature


That’s it – you can now setup your first Data Masher import or export.

For a walk through of how to create an import to a SharePoint list check out this blog post:

SharePoint List Import


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