Need to roll up sharepoint content and display multiple columns easily?

SharePoint Server 2010 provides the Content Query Web Part as a ‘Current Site Collection’ roll up tool.  The Content Query Web Part is a very powerful tool, but unfortunately you miss out on it if you do not have the Publishing Feature activated that comes with Office SharePoint Server 2010.  That means if you have SharePoint Foundations (WSS4) or you just don’t want to use the Publishing Feature, you don’t have a good aggregation tool. 

Other limitations with the Content Query Web Part include the fact that you have to still write some XSL if you want to show multiple columns from the List or Library you are rolling up from.  The Out-of-the-Box XSL styles do allow you to display 1 Title, and 1 Description column.  But what if you want to display Title, Description, Status, Start Date, End Date from a Task list?  Well, it can be done but you have to write XSL again!

There is good news..  Lightning Tools are providing a FREE Express version of their Lightning Conductor 2010 Web Part (LCWP2010 Express).  The LCWP2010 Express provides you with ‘Current Site Collection Rollup’ and the ability to select the List/Library type that you want to aggregate.  The best feature of all being able to simply tick check boxes for the columns that you would like to display.

The image below shows the rollup up data along with the ability to filter on each column.


To configure the web part, first you need to select the list type and content type as shown below:


Then simply pick and choose the columns to display


To begin using the Lightning Conductor 2010 Web Part Express Edition, simply download it from here:

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