save money and time with the lightning conductor web part

The Lightning Conductor Web Part is a roll up web part for SharePoint that aggregates lists and libraries from across site collections.  If you are using the Content Query Web Part to rollup content, your should find the below money saving tips interesting.

1. The Lightning Conductor 2010 Web Part is available not just for SharePoint Server 2010, but also for SharePoint Foundations. SharePoint Foundations does not include the Content Query Web Part.  Lightning Tools provides a free (non-trial) version of the Lightning Conductor 2010 Web Part which will roll up from a single site collection which can be used in these environments.  If you do require Cross Site Collection functionality, the Full Lightning Conductor 2010 Web Part which aggregates across site collections can be purchased at just $800 per Web Front end server.

2. Need to develop XSL files to show multiple columns?  Development is costly! It will either cost you time for an existing employee to write XSL files to present data rolled up to the Content Query Web Part, or it will cost you to hire a developer to do the same thing.  Then if you require future changes, you need to consult that developer again.  It is likely to take at least one day per XSL file.  You’re likely to be developing many of these.  With the Lightning Conductor Web Part, you can quickly configure multiple columns for display by simply selecting them from an easy to use dialog box. How much are you paying your developer to spend a day writing XSL files?


3. The Lightning Conductor 2010 Web Part is so easy to configure, any SharePoint user with the necessary permissions can configure it easily without the help from the IT department.

4. Lightning Tools maintenance plan.  If you purchase the Lightning Conductor Web Part 2010 or 2007 with a maintenance plan, you will receive all future updates. This includes purchasing the Lightning Conductor 2007 Web Part with a yearly maintenance plan from $160 which will get you the Lightning Conductor 2010 web part for free.

5. The Lightning Conductor also allows you to display content that contains dates in a calendar view.  This saves on purchasing Calendar web parts from other vendors.


If you wish to speak to a technical member of our team who can provide a demonstration to you of the Lightning Conductor Web Part, please email us:


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