SharePoint 2010 and the Lightning conductor web part

We’ve received many questions regarding the Lightning Conductor Web Part and whether it is going to work in SharePoint 2010.  Firstly, The Lightning Conductor Web Part is definitely still required in SharePoint 2010, as the Content Query Web Part by Microsoft still doesn’t offer cross site collection rollup, and even though you can display multiple columns, it is not that straight forward to do so.

Here is some good news! The Lightning Conductor Web Part 2007 works perfectly well in SharePoint 2010 since Lightning Tools followed ALL best practices when creating the web part ensuring a smooth upgrade.  Below you can see the LCWP 2007 running in SharePoint 2010.


Alongside this product we have also developed a 2010 version of the Lightning Conductor Web Part.  The LCWP 2010 offers vast improvements due to the enhancements in the SharePoint 2010 Object Model and the fact that a Client Object Model is now available.  A new interface is also offered that provides an easier way to configure the web part rather than using the Toolpart in the previous version.  Sorting and Filtering is now done via the web part itself allowing users a more intuitive way of working with the rolled up content. The below screenshot shows the LCWP2010 in use with the configuration panel displayed which is hidden upon clicking the apply button.


For customers who have purchased the Lightning Conductor Web Part 2007 version, a 50% discount is available should you wish to upgrade to the 2010 version with more features in the future.  Alternatively the 2007 version will continue to work in SharePoint 2010.


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