SharePoint Forum Tagging

We’ve just released a new version of the Lightning Storm Forums which now includes the ability to tag your forum posts, and then see these tags in a tag cloud. This enables your users to navigate to the topics, keywords, and tags that they are really interested in.

You can add tags to your forum posts in the text box below the main post body:

add tags to forum post

The tags themselves should be separated by semi colons.

Once you have some tags built up in your forum you can add the new Forums Tags web part, which will show the tags which have been most widely used as a larger font…

tag cloud web part

Clicking on a tag will navigate you to a listing of all the posts that refer to it. You can configure how many tags you’d like to be displayed in the web part properties.

You can download a trial of the SharePoint Forums from the usual page:

We look forward to your feedback and future ideas.

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