SharePoint Market and Lightning Tools 2007 to 2010

With the aim of being a more open company and sharing data others in the SharePoint community might find interesting we’ve decided to publish our revenue graph each quarter to help drive the debate around the SharePoint market. We are planning to publish an update each quarter.

Here’s our first publication of our revenue graph which goes all the way back to August 2007 when the company was founded.


Some interesting points to note:

Our yearly revenue growth over the first two years was around 35%. In April last year we had a big drop in revenue which we put down to SharePoint 2010 being launched in April. The number of downloads of our trial products actually went up in this period as we launched 2010 versions of our products. But it seemed people weren’t as willing to invest in SharePoint 2007 quite so much, and weren’t ready to spend on SharePoint 2010 yet either. Putting this together with the annual dip for summer holidays in August you can see that April to September were pretty slow months. Things have rebounded though as people are looking for new tools for SharePoint 2010, and upgrades for their 2007 products.

There are certainly some regular monthly peaks and troughs. August is always very quiet due to people being away on holiday. December is always a very good month for us even though it is a month with only 3 working weeks.

Overall, despite a difficult 3-4 months in 2010 we are very happy with how things are going. Now we are looking to push on in 2011 to get back to our target of 35% growth.

How does this graph relate to your experience of the SharePoint market over the past 3 years?

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