SharePoint Product Idea? Win an iPad!

We are always looking to build SharePoint tools and web parts that solve real problems for you. With this in mind we wanted to open up a competition where you can submit your SharePoint product idea – and we’ll award the best one with an iPad. This has two benefits to you:

1, You get a nice shiny iPad
2, We’ll build the SharePoint product you’ve always needed and give you a free license.

Here are a few tips to get your creative juices flowing:

1, What task within SharePoint do you find yourself repeating again and again?
2, What piece of functionality do you use on Facebook or another internet site that you feel is missing from SharePoint?
3, Is there something that could save you time that could be built for SharePoint to allow you to work on other things?
4, Is there something we could build that could increase SharePoint usage within your company?

Please send your ideas over to – we’ll run this contest until 1st November when we’ll announce the winner shortly after.

Get your thinking caps on!

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