Social Squared Ideas–Installation Guide

Social Squared Idea Web Part is a new Web Part from Lightning Tools for SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2007 which allows you and your end users to submit ideas, vote and comment on them. This new Web Part is part of the Social Squared family and provides a fantastic way to engage with your users, increase SharePoint adoption and allow users to fully immerse themselves with SharePoint.

Download the beta here: Social Squared Ideas



Download the Social Squared Ideas Web Part from here and extract the zip file.

Microsoft Sql Server

Run the SocialSquaredIdeas.sql against your Social Squared Database to create the relevant tables for Social Squared Ideas.

The tables added are:

  • IdeaComments
  • IdeaVotes
  • Ideas
  • Users (Shared with Social Squared Forums)




  1. Deploy the ‘SocialSquared.SocialSquaredIdeas.wsp’ and activate the solution
  2. Activate the Social Squared Ideas Feature on your Site Collection


  3. Add the Social Squared Idea Web Part to a Web Part page where Social Squared Forums is currently used. It is in the Lightning Tools Web Part category, the Web Part is called ‘Social Squared Ideas Web Part’

     Social Squared Ideas Web Part

  4. When the Web Part is first added you will need to add your connection string to your Social Squared Database, click the link to open the Tool Pane


  5. Enter your connection string, ie:

    Data Source=.sqlserver;Initial Catalog=SocialSquared;User Id=forumAccount;Password=password;

  6. Press OK on the Tool Pane
  7. The Web Part is now ready to use.

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