Social Squared October Release

We’re delighted to announce the October release of Social Squared, our discussion forums that are perfect for large organizations. This release contains some great performance improvements as well as some ace new functionality.

Stored Procedures over Linq to SQL

The great thing about Linq to SQL is that is quick to use and develop against. The problem is it is very chatty to the database making many calls to get relational data. We found that some of the common views such as viewing all the forums, viewing all the topics in a forum, and viewing an individual topic were making up to 60 database requests per view. This worked great for one person, but as soon as you started increasing the request count using load testing tools things ground to a halt.

So we have removed the Linq 2 SQL code for these three views and replaced it with a Stored Procedure call. This nicely brings 60 database calls down to 1 and makes things super quick and scale nicely.

Profile Pictures

There are now two options for profile pictures within Social Squared.

Forum profile pictures

Within the Forum Settings screen you can choose to allow users to upload their own image to Social Squared for use just within the forums, or you can choose for Social Squared to pick up the photo that has been set within the users SharePoint profile.

Report Abuse

If a user has created a topic or post that you find inappropriate you can report it using the Report Abuse link at the bottom right of each post:

Report abuse for inappropriate forum posts

Upon clicking this link, the user is asked to give a reason for taking the report action. An email alert is then sent to the site owners and any moderators that may have been setup for the particular forum the post relates to.

Try them out…

You can download a fully functional trial of Social Squared from here. If you have any feedback or ideas for future version please let us know by either leaving a comment here or emailing


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