There are no business data types loaded in the catalog

The ‘There are no business data types loaded in the catalog’ can be very annoying when trying to use Business Data List Web Part as it seems your application definition file imported OK into the Shared Service Provider.

One of the common reasons for receiving this is that the user who is trying to setup the BDC List Web Part does not have enough permissions within the Business Data Catalog. You can set these by:

1, Navigate to your Shared Service Provider administration site and click the ‘Business Data Catalog permissions’ link

Manage Business Data Catalog permissions

2, Here you can give users permissions to the Business Data Catalog, and if you click the ‘Copy all permissions to descendants’ it will copy the permissions set down to each separate BDC application and entity.

3, You can set permissions individually to BDC applications or individual entities. Simply click on the Manage Permissions link when viewing application properties:

Manage permissions for BDC application

Or viewing Entity properties:

Manage permissions for BDC entity