Using Web Services with the BDC? Then check out BDC Web Man!

We’ll be publishing the results of the Big BDC Survey soon, but one thing that is surprising to us straight away is how many people are connecting the BDC to web services. This also makes the announcement of BDC Web Man even more exciting!

As some of you will know who have written some web service code to present data to the BDC it helps if your web service methods are written in a certain way. We hope to take away some of the manual coding. With BDC Web Man you can drag and drop database tables onto the design surface. This time rather than creating BDC entities you are creating WCF HttpBasic web service methods. Select the DNS name of your web service and output directory and all the c# and xml config code you need for your web services is generated for you! You can read more and find the beta download for BDC Web Man available here:

and a direct link to a screen cast of the tool in action is available here:

We look forward to any feedback and comments you may have!


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