More SharePoint Forum Goodness


We have just put out another release of our SharePoint Enterprise Forum tool Social Squared. These new features are a result of us using the forums ourselves on our Connect site, and features requested by customers and people testing the forums out. Here is a low down of what is new:

1, RSS feeds

You can now subscribe to an RSS feed for each individual forum. RSS is a great way to get alerts whenever a new topic is added to a forum if you’d prefer not to get email alerts

Forum RSS Feed

[Please click images for a larger view]

2, Ability to customize look and feed of the forums (dramatically!)

Up to now you have been stuck with the lovely gray color and theme that comes with Social Squared out of the box. You’ll be glad to know that this can now all be customized as much as you want.

We deploy User Controls, CSS and Image files to the SharePoint RootFolder. You can’t over write these as we will replace them if you upgrade to a future release of Social Squared, but you can now create your own folders in the SharePoint RootFolder and copy our files to these new folders and then customize them as much as you want. Finally you’ll need to go into Site Settings –> Social Squared Forums –> Path Manager and set the location of the folders that contain your custom files:

Set Forum File Paths

We’ll have a detailed how-to document up in the next few days on how to do this.

3, Anonymous users now see action buttons

If you were visiting Social Squared as an anonymous user you would not see any of the buttons to create a new topic or post a reply, these wouldn’t appear until you logged in.

To a new user visiting the forum it would look like you couldn’t actually do anything! There was no hint that you needed to login or register before you could post. We’ve now changed this so that anonymous users can see the button to create a new topic or post. Upon clicking on them however they are redirected to the login page.

And we’ve also implemented a few bug fixes:

1, Profile pictures are now resized with the correct aspect ratio.
2, Moderated forums – last post not updated until a moderated topic is approved.
3, Deleted topics – no longer appear as last updated topics once deleted.
4, Anonymous users can now search.


You can download the new version of Social Squared from here:

Social Squared Download

or of course you can just try it out on our Connect Site.