SharePoint 2010 conference in Russia. Activity Feeds.


On 18th of May I attended the conference on SharePoint 2010 where I gave a presentation about Activity Feed functionality in SharePoint 2010. The conference was held in Moscow. If you can speak Russian please look at a video with my presentation here 🙂 Who can’t speak Russian please find my presentation in English here

In this post I’d like to tell about my first demo from presentation. It shows default SharePoint 2010 Activity Feed which track all tags, notes, colleagues, profile update and so on. You are able to track only those activities you have selected in your My Site Web site.

  1. Open “My Site” web site under any user (in our case it will be GALAXYnick.swan), open “My profile” page, click “Edit my profile” and make sure that your default activities are ticked.

    Activities I am following

    [please click the images for a larger view]

  2. Now we need to add a colleague for GALAXYnick.swan. In order to do that click “Colleagues” tab on the “My profile” page and add a colleague. His name is GALAXYdmitry.kaloshin in our case.

    Add colleagues

  3. Since Activity Feed is off by default in a User Profile service application. To turn on this feature, a member of the Farm Administrators group must configure the User Profile service Activity Feed timer job. In order to do that open SharePoint 2010 Central Administration, click “Monitoring” on the quick launch and click “Review job definitions” in the “Timer Jobs” section then.

    Review job definitions

  4. Click “User Profile Service – Activity Feed Job” in the list of timer jobs and click “Enable” button on the “Edit Timer Job” page.

    User Profile Service – Activity Feed Job

  5. Now we may open for example default “Home” page under GALAXYdmitry.kaloshin and do some actions being tracked by GALAXYnick.swan. For example click “Tag and Notes” in the top-right corner of the page

    Tags and notes

  6. Enter any text and click “Save” button.

    Enter a tag

  7. Enter any note and click “Post” button.

    Enter a note

  8. Now open “My Site” web site under GALAXYdmitry.kaloshin, open “My profile” page, click “Edit my profile” and do any change. For example enter some test in “Ask me about” edit box (BDC MetaMan in our case) and click “Save and Close” button

    Ask me about BDC MetaMan

  9. Click “Colleagues” tab on the “My profile” page and add a colleague to GALAXYdmitry.kaloshin. His name is GALAXYbrett.lonsdale in our case.

    Add colleagues

  10. Now open “My Site” web site under GALAXYnick.swan, open “My newsfeed” page. You may see that all activities done by GALAXYdmitry.kaloshin (“Tagging by my colleague”, “Note Board post”, “Profile update”, “New colleague”) are shown on the page.

    My newsfeed

  11. Also all consolidated activities are available through ATOM feed using such URL http://mysitehost/_layouts/activityfeed.aspx?consolidated=true”>/_layouts/activityfeed.aspx?

    Activity Atom Feed

Hope this post explains a way to stay informed from anywhere. If you have any questions or feedback/ideas please send them over to