SharePoint List Rollup Web Part


SharePoint List Rollup Web Part

The Lightning Conductor Web Part is a SharePoint List Rollup Web Part that empowers users within a SharePoint Online or SharePoint On-Premises site, to rollup any type of SharePoint content from across multiple site collections. You can rollup SharePoint lists such as Documents, Tasks, Contacts, Announcement and Calendars within a few minutes of configuration. You don’t need to have any development skills, just simply specify the scope of the rollup, the type of list or library, optional content type, and then select the columns that you wish to display.

There are many different scenarios that you could consider using the Lightning Conductor including:

Rollup Task Lists

  • Tasks assigned to me
  • Tasks grouped by Priority
  • Tasks due today
  • Overdue Tasks

Rollup Calendars

  • Todays schedule
  • My Teams Calendars
  • Holiday Requests


  • Documents Created or Modified today
  • Documents that I created

The list of scenarios is endless as you are in complete control of which SharePoint lists to rollup, and what columns to display. Using the Lightning Tools Chart web part, you can also chart the results of your cross site collection rollup using web part connections.

Below, you can see an example of rolling up SharePoint Calendar lists into the SharePoint Rollup Web Part Calendar. Other views can also be created allowing for multiple SharePoint Rollups within the same web part instance.

SharePoint List Rollup Web Part

The below screenshot shows the SharePoint List Rollup Web Part displaying Tasks with conditional formatting. You can apply multiple conditions using the browser to configure the conditional formatting. Note also the calculated columns allowing for calculations to be performed on the data that you are rolling up.

SharePoint Rollup Web Part Tasks

To download a 14 day trial of the Lightning Conductor, click download trial.