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Lightning Tools has always designed its tools and web parts to provide solutions to its customers whilst ultimately saving them valuable time.  This was the case with our very first product ‘BDC Meta Man’ as well as more recent products such as the Lightning Conductor Web Part.  Our suite of products save you time by providing solutions that do not require you to learn or develop in languages such as XSL or XML.

Lightning Tools has a new offering known as DeliverPoint which has been a well-known product within the SharePoint community since SharePoint 2003.  Hours of time is spent by IT Professionals and Support staff every day troubleshooting issues within SharePoint that could simply be a permissions issue.  Time is spent manually trolling List Items, Lists and Site Permissions throughout very extensive Site Collections or Web Applications.  Unfortunately this is a very manual task which is why it is so time consuming.

DeliverPoint provides Permission reporting across your Site Collections so that you can see exactly what permissions a specific user, SharePoint group, or domain group might have on a particular item.  It doesn’t just stop there, common tasks IT Professional are issued involve cloning permissions from one user to another, transferring permissions or deleting users.  Again, in large deployments this manual task can take hours or if not days.

DeliverPoint was developed originally by SharePoint MVP’s and well known developers Todd Bleeker and Paul Schaeflein.  Lightning Tools acquired this product to compliment the tools we already provide and to further develop DeliverPoint for SharePoint 2010.

Bill English and Brett Lonsdale discussed the sale at the Best Practice conference in Washington DC in August this year.

Brett Lonsdale and Bill English
A demonstration of the product can played from the following location:
Lightning Tools will also be demonstrating the product on booth 1102 at the SharePoint Conference on the 19th October 2009 in Las Vegas.  Please follow us on twitter @lightningtools for the demonstration start times.  We are also providing a webinar on the third Wednesday of every month at 11am Eastern 4pm GMT.
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