Instant Messaging for SharePoint


Instant Messaging tools are used frequently both within businesses as well as privately by individuals. Many are Windows applications which work well, but often a in-context tool is best in a similar way to Facebook’s integrated instant chat. Users of Facebook can see which of their friends are online and start chatting with them whilst still within Facebook. Lightning Chat is a instant messaging tool for SharePoint that provides similar functionality.

Whilst you are within a SharePoint team site environment, you will be able to see which of your co-workers or team members are also online within the Team Site, and then initiate a chat with them. This solves the problem of sending and receiving messages via email which is then clogging up your inbox and perhaps not providing you with immediate answers. More importantly, you will then lose focus by looking at other messages within your inbox.

Lightning Chat is available for SharePoint 2010 as well as SharePoint 2013 via the app store.

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