Social Squared as a Team or SharePoint Site Member
Learn how to Find content, navigate posts, Create Topics, and Reply to Topics, Moderate posts, and more.
Using Social Squared within your Teams or SharePoint Site
As an end user, lear how to create topics, reply to topics, provide feedback, find content, and moderate posts.

Within this section of Social Squared Help, you’ll find video’s and documentation on how to use Social Squared within your SharePoint Site or Team. Learn how to navigate, provide feedback, generate content, and moderate posts.

Finding Content and Answers to Questions

Learn how to use Search, Tags, and Views to find the answers to your questions within Social Squared.

Create Topics and Replies to Topics

Learn how to create topics and reply to other topics in Social Squared. Discover the Rich Text capabilities, Attachments, and Tagging.

Moderating Posts with Social Squared

As a moderator, learn how to find posts that need moderating, approve or reject posts, edit or delete posts, and move posts to more appropriate forums.