Social Squared as a Moderator
As a moderator of a forum, learn how to maintain the your forum as a moderator using features such as Approve/Reject Posts, Delete Topics, Edit Topics, and Move Topics.
Moderating Social Squared Forums
As a moderator of social squared, you have the important role of ensuring that topics and posts are inline with the forum. This improves the user experience and how easily information can be found.

Within this section of Social Squared, you’ll learn how to moderate posts within Social Squared forums. You’ll learn how to approve or reject posts by different users, how to move topics if they were created in the wrong forum, and how to edit or delete posts if needed.

It’s also possible for end users to report abuse within a forum that you are moderating. Learn how to work with abuse reports.

Overview of the Forum Moderator Role

Learn about the responsibilities of being a forum moderator within Social Squared.

Approve & Reject Posts

Learn how to edit, delete, approve, and reject posts made by other users within a forum that you moderate.