Social Squared Installation
As a SharePoint Administrator, and Teams Administrator, learn how to install Social Squared as a SharePoint Framework Application. Additionally, learn how to use the Social Squared Migration Tools, how to configure licensing, and supporting Power Automate applications.
Installing Social Squared
As a Microsoft SharePoint Administrator, learn how to install social squared, approve API access, migrate content to Social Squared, and install or configure supporting Power Automate Flows. 

This section will guide you through the installation of Social Squared within Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. Initially, we’ll deploy to the App Catalog, grant the API access that is required, and activate your Social Squared license key. There are other supporting tools and applications that can migrate content into Social Squared from SharePoint On-Premises or SharePoint Discussion Lists, as well as other customizations that must be done by an administrator.


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Learn how to install Social Squared into the App Catalog, and apply the required API Permissions


Learn how to license Social Squared by applying an acquired license key.

Migrating Content

Learn how to migrate Social Squared content from SharePoint On-Premises to SharePoint Online, or from Discussion Lists to Social Squared.

Global Configurations

Learn how to use PowerShell and Power Automate to configure some global features for Social Squared.