Social Squared Video Tutorials

Social Squared Video TutorialsSocial Squared Video Tutorials

The below Social Squared Video Tutorials guide you through how to use Social Squared to Create Topics, Reply to Topics, Moderate posts, Create Forum Groups, Create Forums, Configure User Reputation Scores and more…

Using the links below, navigate to videos to see how you can use Social Squared within your organization successfully.

Create and Reply To Topics

Learn from a users perspective to create and reply to topics within the Social Squared Discussion Forum.

Learn to Create Forums Groups within Social Squared

Using Social Squared, you can easily create Forum Groups and configure each forum group for your users.

Create Forums within Social Squared

Learn how to create and configure forums within Social Squared allowing your users to create topics

Configure Moderation within Social Squared

Learn how to setup moderators within Social Squared so that they can approve posts and organize content correctly.

Setup Social Squared Securitystrong>

Configure the security in Social Squared so that users can only see the content that is relevant to their roles.

Search for Posts within Social Squared

Discover how to find topics and replies to topics using search.