Discussion List Alerts

SharePoint Discussion List Alerts

Email alerts are a great way for your users to be notified of changes to topics they are interested in. There are a few different ways of subscribing to email alerts for Social Squared

1, Forum wide alerts

Subscribe to forum alerts

You can subscribe to get email notifications whenever a new topic is added to a particular forum.

2, Topic wide alerts

Subscribe to topic alerts

If you are interested in a particular topic, then you can sign up for alerts for it. You will then get an email notification whenever a new reply is added to that topic.

3, Sign up when creating a new topic or reply

Subscribe to alert when posting

You most likely want to receive forum email alerts when a topic you are involved in is updated with a new reply. Getting alerts for this is really easy as there is a checkbox that is ticked by default to sign you up for alerts when you create a new topic or reply.

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