Discussion List Moderation

SharePoint Discussion List Moderation

You may want to assign certain individuals within your organization to look after a particular forum. This would involve moving or editing topics and posts that are not relevant, or deleting posts that do not confirm to your forums terms of usage. Social Squared also has the ability for moderators to approve topics and posts before they appear to all users. Here is how to configure moderation for Social Squared:

1. Navigate to your ‘Site Settings’ page within SharePoint

2. Click the ‘Forum Groups’ Link, and select the ‘Forum Group’ which contains the forum you wish to moderate.

3. Click the ‘Edit’ link next to the name of the forum you wish to moderate.

Edit the Forum

4. In the edit settings, click the checkbox to ‘Moderate’.

5. By default – full moderation is enabled, meaning moderators need to approve new topics and posts before they appear to other users within the forum. If you’d like this workflow turned off, you can tick the checkbox for ‘Topics and posts appear without approval’

6. Next you can assign users who can moderate this forum. Please note that by default users who are in the Site Owners group, or are a Site Collection Administrator will be able to moderate the forum without explicitly being in the Moderators list box. If you have a user that you wish to be a moderator that is not a Site Owner or Site Collection Administrator then you can enter their name in the Select Moderators box (search or click the resolve button to ensure the user exists), and then click the Save Moderators button.

Set Discussion List Moderator

7. If full moderation is enabled, whenever a new topic or reply is added to this forum the user will receive a notification to let them know that it will not immediately appear

Moderation Message

8. If you are a moderator and there are posts awaiting your attention you will see a message at the top of the Social Squared web part letting you know that posts are waiting to be moderated.

9. Upon click the link in the alert you will be taken to a view that will show you all topics and posts across multiple forums (if you are a moderator in different forums) that need attention. By clicking on the view link you will be navigated to the topic or post that needs moderating. If you are happy to approve it, click on the ‘APPROVE!’ link which is next to the ‘Awaiting Moderation!’ text. The post will now be available to all users.

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