Social Squared Version 7 Beta available

Social Squared

Version 7

Email Grouping

Emails now use an identifier in the body rather than the subject line which means emails from a forum will now be grouped in Outlook! Hooray!

Featured Post

This allows moderators and site owners to highlight replies. It may not be an answer but allows certain posts to be highlighted

This will allow administrators to highlight desired content

Post Numbering

Shows the order in which the post was added so they can be seen when posts are ordered non-chronologically

This will enable users to see order topics were created.

Reply Sorting

Allow posts to be sorted both chronologically and by author name

This will enable users to view the content they want quickly

Original Poster highlighting

CSS styling allows the original poster to be easily identified

This will allow users to easily identifier the originator of the topic

Moderator highlighter

Moderators can now be more easily identified with their own css styling

This will allow users to identify authoritative figures on the forum

Allow Non-Administrators to create new topics

Feature that allows only administrators to create topics or open it up to everyone

This will allow administrators control over the topics created.

Private Messages – There is an email button to load outlook to create an email.

Button next to user will send email to poster

This will allow communication between end users

Forum Topic in URL

To assist with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) the forum topic now shows in the URL

This will help administrators with page rankings for external sites

Email Filter (OOF functionality)

Emails sent to the Social Squared inbox can be filter based on text that the subject contains

This will help administrators keep spam and out of office emails from the forums

Code Syntax Highlighter

Users can now paste code into the post and it will be highlighted correctly so others can more easily understand the code.

This will help end users share code on the forum

Email Subject

The subject of the email sent by Social Squared can now be customised instead of defaulting to Social Squared.

This will help end users identify forum emails

Pre-load forum content

The forums now come with sample content and replies. The sample content shows information about some of the features of Social Squared

This will help customers get started with the product

Page Title Customization

The page title can now be customized to include the current forum title or not

Topic Notification Only

Users can choose to be only notified when a topic is created rather than when a topic or reply is posted.

This will help end users receive the notifications they desire

Inline Emails

Outlook emails which contain inline images, i.e not attachments now show up in the forum post rather than as an attachment

This will help users post and view images more easily

Registration CAPTCHA

Anonymous users who register are now required to complete a CAPTCHA.

This will allow administrators reduce spam accounts for public forums

See Followers

Users can now see who has opted to follow them on the forums

This will allow users see who is interested in their posts

Hebrew, Arabic version

Localization has been added for Hebrew and Arabic versions. The changes mean that Right to Left (RTL) languages are now supported

This will allow more customers in RTL languages use the forums

Manage File size, type

Administrators can now set the file types and maximum file sizes allowed to be uploaded to Social Squared

This will allow administrators control of the size and content of attachments in the forum

Updated Terms and Conditions

When the terms and conditions are updated it is now possible to enforce all existing and new users should re-accept

This will allow administrators to enforce policies on the forum use


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