Support – BDC Meta Man

This is the place to come for all BDC information. We aim not only to show you how to use BDC Meta Man, but also how to use the Business Data Catalog in general. If there are topics that we have missed that you feel should be covered please get in contact with us via

We hope you enjoy reading and watching the information here, and that you enjoy working with the MOSS BDC as much as we do.

Business Data Catalog – getting started

Creating a BDC association and displaying using the BDC web parts

Microsoft SQL Server stored procedures and the Business Data Catalog

Business Data Catalog and Search

Getting the Business Data Catalog to write back

Writing back to an ODBC data source with BDC Meta Man

Configuring Oracle and the Business Data Catalog

Configuring Oracle and the Business Data Catalog when using Oracle TNS

Configuring DB2 and the Business Data Catalog

BDC and PostgreSQL

BDC and web services

BDC Custom Document Information Panels

BDC and web services with associations

Filtering the data returned by the BDC

Configuring the ShowInPicker property for a BDC Entity

Filtering on DateTime fields using BDC Meta Man

Building a custom BDC web part with c#

Displaying Access 2007 in SharePoint using the Business Data Catalog

Using the SQL Query Wizzard in BDC Meta Man to construct complex SQL statements

Setting up the LastModified property to allow incremental search crawls on your LOB System.

Localize your BDC Entity names

Localize your BDC Columns

Composite Key issues and the BDC

BDC composite key issues – overcoming using the DVWP

Trouble shooting the BDC

Unable to connect to [Instance Name]

Creating web services that work nicely with the Business Data Catalog

Problems when connecting to Oracle through ODBC

There are no business data types loaded in the catalog