BDC Column Localization

It is possible to localize the names of columns and entities within the Business Data Catalog.

To see how to localize your entity names please see this article:

BDC Entity localization

To localize your BDC columns please follow these steps:

1, Right click on your entity on the design surface of BDC Meta Man and choose Edit Entity.

Right click and choose edit for your Entity

2, Click the methods tab along the top of the Entity Management form

Click the Methods tab within Entity Management

3, Select the method you want to edit columns for. You’ll most likely want to edit the Finder method as this is used for the Business Data List Web Part.

4, Select the column you want to localize in the Selected Columns list on the far right, then click the Modify Column Properties button

Select the column you want to modify

5, Click the Add button to create a new localized value. Then select the localization code and enter the new value you wish to be displayed

Enter your new localized value

6, Save the column properties, and also the Entity Management screen. You can now generate your application definition file as you usually would.

7, Now when you view your data in the Business Data List Web Part you’ll notice our Name column appears as Department Name.

See your new BDC Column localization within SharePoint

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