BDC Meta Man – Adding a Filter to an Entity


Create a single Entity and display on Business Data List with a filter

Expected Result to achieve a pass:

User should be able to:
· Use the Business Data List Web Part and filter for a last name

Steps to take:

1. Open BDC Meta Man
2. Choose ‘SQL Server’ Enter your connection details, click connect
3. Expand your Database from the top left to view its tables

4. Drag your table to the design surface; we are going to be using the tblEmployee table

5. Right click on your entity and select ‘Edit Entity’ , navigate to the ‘Methods’ Tab, select the Finder Method Type from your available methods.
6. Click ‘New Filter’
Enter a name for your filter
Choose the ‘Filter Type’ – you can choose either Comparision or Wildcard – in our example we are going to use Comparison
Select the column you wish to filter on
Choose the operator as ‘LIKE’
Set the default value as ‘%’
Click Save and then Save again on the underlying window.

7. Set the output path to be c:appdef.xml from the Configuration Options
8. Generate XML
9. Import into MOSS Shared Service Provider
10. Open up SharePoint site; add a BDC Data List Web Part. Set the BDC Data list to our Employee data
11. Your BDC Data List should look like:

12. Enter ‘%’ as our filter value and click retrieve to bring back all results

13. Enter a ‘Last Name’ in the box to return just those names i.e. Murphy

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