BDC Meta Man – Displaying Access 2007 data in SharePoint


To create an 2 entities with associations from an Access 2007 Database

Expected Result to achieve a pass:

User should be able to:
• Use the Business Data List Web Part
• Use the Business Data Related List Web Part
• View the profile page


Create two tables within access 2007

Steps to take:

1. Open BDC Meta Man
2. Choose ‘MS Access’ Browse to the Access 2007 Database, click connect
3. Drag and drop your MS Access 2007 Tables onto the design surface to create their Entities

4. Right click on both of your entities and choose ‘Edit Entity’, Select a column from the ‘Title Column’ drop down list which you want to link to the item profile, click save.

5. Next we want to create our association between the two entities
6. On the Design Surface, Drag from your Source Entity to your Destination Entity, making sure you connect the columns which will form your association.
7. Your Design Surface should look like the following now and is ready to generate the Application Definition File and import into SharePoint

8. Set the output path to be c:appdef.xml from the Configuration Options
9. Generate XML
10. Import into MOSS Shared Service Provider
11. Open up SharePoint site; add a BDC Data List Web Part, and a Business Data Related Web Part. Set the BDC Data list to our Customer data, and the Related List Web Part to the Orders data.
12. Create your connections between the two Web Parts

13. You can test to see if this is working correctly by clicking the radio button next to a Customer and the Orders list will display the Orders of that Customer

14. One of the columns for you items will be linked to the profile page, this column will be the one you set up in step 4, click this to take you to the profile page.

Profile Page:

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