BDC Meta Man Web Edition Price Change

As anybody will know who has been involved with building and selling software products, pricing is the most difficult part to get right – and it seems this time with BDC Meta Man Web Edition we got it wrong! We described this as being an ‘Enterprise Tool’ and therefore expected only large companies would be interested in buying it. Of course if you describe something as ‘Enterprise’ there is a misconception that you can charge more for it!

We’ve certainly had lots of interest in BDC Meta Man Web Edition – but the sticking point has been the pricing. When we go back and analyze the sales of the original BDC Meta Man this makes sense:

1, Most companies do not need more than 4 licenses.

2, Only 2 or 3 people actually understand the structure of the database or system the organization wants integrated through the BDC

So with those two points in mind we’ve decided to drop the price of BDC Meta Man Web Edition to $3,000.00 for new customers. If you are an existing customer who has purchased BDC Meta Man please drop us an email and we’ll be able to offer an even better deal.

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